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Win a 1:1 Session when joining until 21. December

When registering until 21st December, you can win a 1:1 deep-dive session with me
plus access to my, new 7-week online-program "Kundalini Spiritpreneur Awakening"

Join the workshop for your

A 60 minute workshop...

... to break free from the old way of business and activate your next (r)evolution using the magic of Kundalini.
Raise your consciousness to live and grow your business aligned to your energy, values and personality.

Register to get instant access to the workshop right now:

With hands-on experience!

In this Workshop you are...

1. Break free from the old way of doing business.

It’s time to let go of doing life and business in the ‘hard’ lane where you sacrifice your freedom, personal values and relationships in your pursuit of success. You will start your journey to awakening your superpowers using Human Design for support. By this, you will discover a new way of doing business and living your life with most ease and joy.

2. Learn how you can leverage the secret magic of Kundalini.

Learn about my favorite tool: Kundalini Yoga. No, this is not a typical yoga-class you probably know and you do not have to be super flexible. Learn a method of how to raise your consciousness and get a "birds eye view" in a fast, but gentle way. This allows you to step into your magic, fully be yourself and live your life with more freedom and balance.

3. Start your Spiritpreneur Awakening™ for joy, balance and ease

Have you ever wondered how some poeple seem super chilled while running a successful business and feel inspired on a consistent basis? Get some easy "hands-on" exercises that raise your energy and get you out of your "ego"/shadow-self. Learn how to ride your inner dragon!

You don't want to miss this if...

 You are an existing spiritual entrepreneur not achieving your goals in a consistent easy and fun way.
You are not hitting your desired revenue, not experience the balance and freedom in your life you wish you had, have inconsistent energy, are not speaking your truth yet, etc.

 You are open for spirituality and want to deepen your practise.
You might already tried yoga, meditation or have heard of Human Design or you already are working with spirituality)

 You are tired of running business the old ways and want to break the rules.
You want to create something new and have a big impact to raise human consciousness for living more sustainable. You want to stop playing small and unleash your magic - embracing the true you!

Meet your guide of this workshop

My name is Lisa Évoluer - a spiritual entrepreneur (spiritpreneur) and yogini, I am both an expert in my work-field and a spiritual guide - your Kundalini business guide.
After breaking free from the superficial advertising field and going through burnout twice, I created the industry-leading 7 figure company Coachy© together with my boyfriend. After only 4 years running this company, we already have 10 team-members. My personal experience and additional studies in the field of neurology, yoga and coaching allow me to provide you not only with strategic business recommendations, but also soul-centred advice for your lifestyle.

As a human design projector with the channels of awareness and structuring, I am able to see you for who you truly are behind all the layers you put on over the years and inspire you with a unique and visionary point of few.

I believe by embracing who you are you unfold magic. Life was meant to be lived with joy, ease and a state of being.
Business was meant to be fun, give you freedom and make a positive impact. Everything is possible and I do not believe in "success" as society sees it. What matters is that we are fulfilled and that to me is success. 

My most important vision is to empower ambitious women like you, raise awareness to protect nature (especially the oceans) and live a more sustainable life in alignment with nature. I do not believe in people telling you they are your guru - you have the power to become your own guru (your own guide which includes the "Gu" and the "Ru"; the light and darkness).

If you feel the same I invite you to join me for your Kundalini Spiritpreneur Awakening™.