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Rocking Female Entrepreneurs lisa_evoluer_logo_blackcircle.1587494337.png Lisa Évoluer 

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Welcome to the podcast “Rocking Female Entrepreneurs!” - Rock your life and business while listening to your heart.

This is a podcast for women who are craving a more fulfilled life and express themselves truly authentically.

From busy solopreneur to chilled entrepreneur...
If you are currently stuck on 5-10k month and ready for the next step, you’re at the right place!
(yes, even if you are not already there yet, you still benefit from tuning in)
Learn how to 10x your income, impact and freedom with fun, ease and flow.

ROCK your life and business.

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Aerial Rockstars by Lisa Évoluer

From busy solopreneur to chilled entrepreneur. 10x your income, impact and freedom with fun, ease and flow!
Listen to your heart and follow your intuition ❤

Spiritual Business Coach, CEO + Founder of the 7-figure company Coachy International Ltd.