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Xaghra, Sunday, 27th of January (only 3 spots left)

6 Week Mindfulness Course for Adults

Starting from Saturday, 16th of February in Xaghra

It is recommended to attend all 6 classes:
February: 16 / 23 and March: 2 / 23 / 30

Special offer valid for bookings until 31st of January 2019

This course counts as Continuous Professional Development

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness means being in the present moment. Noticing the own thoughts without judging or attaching to them. It is about being compassionate to yourself and others. Also, it is about accepting the current state and being able to let go.

Mindfulness was first introduced in the 1970s to help people who suffer from chronic pain, but there are various things mindfulness can help us with...

"We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves."  - Buddha

Appreciate life fully
and improve your wellbeing

This is for you if you want...

easily accessible methods for stress-reduction
to get a clearer sense of self
learn how to deal with circumstances you cannot change
overcome self-doubt
manage impatience, perfectionism or anger
prevent depression relapse or chronic pain reduction

What you will learn

The History of mindfulness and the difference between MBCT

Helps to recognise habitual, automatic routines that tend to perpetuate difficulties

Become familiar with the mind and respond to sensations, urges and thoughts in a different way

Develop reflection on the mindfulness practices by keeping a daily journal

Learn various formal and informal ways of practising mindfulness

Familiarise yourself with the workings of the mind

Identify the benefits of releasing old habits

Engage in a mindfulness meditation practice

Use mindfulness to manage unpleasant or stressful emotions

Use mindfulness to reduce pain

Save 37€

Attend the course now for just 90€ instead of 127€

or bring a friend and you and your friend will only pay 70€ each!

This is the first time I am giving this class on Gozo, so save some money by joining my first group!

Livestream every month 

Every month I host a livestream in an exclusive facebook-group you will have access to.

Every month I host a livestream in an exclusive Facebook-group only for people who attended the course. The live-broadcast will not just be available while I am online, but you have also access afterwards in case you cannot join.

You will have the chance not only to ask questions during the livestream but also whenever you want either in the group or via email. Your wellbeing is very important to me and I am happy to support you with your daily challenges.


Your award

If you attended all course-lessons, you will be awarded a certificate of attendance and have the permission to continue to become a trainer yourself


1 hour of free consultation

Save 37€

Attend the course now for just 90€ instead of 127€

Or bring a friend and you and your friend will only pay 70€ each!


1 All course participants have to submit an application form which includes a “screening tool” (your health and whether you benefit
from the course is important to me)

2 If you are in psychiatric treatment, had a trauma within the last 3 years or suffer from depression, please speak to your doctor if this course is for you


Lisa is a very kind, compassionate person. I felt comfortable with her immediately. I had tons of questions and was afraid, not being able to talk about everything. 
Lisa made time for me and listened. She felt my insecurity and instead of pushing me in a direction, she showed me possibilities. She didn't beautify something but spoke openly about positive and negative aspects. We sorted the chaos in my mind step by step. She gave me courage and worked out the next steps with me! 

After the coaching, I wasn't left alone. She evaluated every session afterwards and even send me emails with things we talked about. Even after the coaching, I am still able to reach her. 

One doesn't feel like a paying client, but like being with a good friend, whose well-being is important to her. And especially in situations where you need help, it's a very good feeling! She will definitely stay my person of trust and contact-person.

About your trainer

Lisa Évoluer

Hi, my name is Lisa and I'm a coach for (business-) women who want to live a balanced and fulfilled life (that does NOT mean you are not welcome if you are a guy ;-) ). I'm a successful entrepreneur for more than 7 years and one of the founders of a German software company. Within our first year, we made 100k revenue.
However, I am not only a life-coach but also trained in MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) and a business mentor to female entrepreneurs.

I will not show you "incredible marketing hacks" how to get famous and successful overnight. Instead, I'm your (business)-mindset coach. Together we'll work on removing the chaos and blockades you have in your mind. So that you feel relaxed and free! Be yourself and get successful.  

... Because, let's be honest ...
In everyday-life between business, family and a full calendar it's easy to forget yourself and your own goals! 

Do you want to remove your inner blockades and chaos in your head? Do you want to do a job which doesn't just bring money, but makes you feel fulfilled? Do you want to live a life with less stress while still being successful? 

If that sounds like you... You're in the right place ❤