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Embark on a (r)evolutionary journey to raise your consciousness and expand your empire using the magic of Kundalini. Break free from society’s “rules”, re-connect to your true self and awaken your magic to rise into your next level as a Spiritpreneur.


You were born to embody your wildest, freest and most fulfilling life as a Spiritpreneur, yet right now you’re in a plateau...

  • You are sacrificing your freedom in the pursuit of financial success.
    You feel your work and life are out of balance. You’re working late nights or on weekends, chained to your phone (even on vacation!). Sacrificing your soul and personal relationships on the way to six or seven figures.

  • You are feeling stressed and conditioned to do business in the ‘hard lane’.
    You’re comparing yourself to others and feel like you’re making decisions based on everyone but you. Deep down you wish to grow your business differently, but you do not know how.

  • You are afraid to speak your truth and show up as your most aligned self.
    You show up but not the way your soul craves to. You might even dress up when going infront of the camera, while in your private life you are more laid back. You are afraid of pushing people away or people not liking you if you were to speak your truth.

  • You are not seeing your worth and don't want to be seen as lazy.
    You know you are meant for doing something with a big impact on supporting people and our planet, but you have a hard time thinking big and outside the box. You are afraid people could see you as lazy if you are taking time to just "be".


Deep down you know you are ready to raise your consciousness and step into your next upgrade as a spiritpreneur where….

  • You are living your most abundant life whilst growing your business.
    You have a business that fully supports your desired lifestyle, allows you to be you and impacts your clients and the world in a deep, transformational, positive way.

  • You experience deep joy, balance and ease as a Spiritpreneur.
    You have raised your consciousness and get to embody your life’s vision as you hold space to serve others too. No more stress or overwhelm. 

  • You have rewired your mind to manifest your next level.
    You let your soul take charge through raising your energetic frequency and know how to get your ego in the back seat. 

  • You raise the vibration of the planet and contribute to a better world.
    You have a deep understanding of your unique gifts and soul-purpose. You are fully aware of your contribution to our Earth.




You will get full support on your questions and the option to upgrade for 1:1.
Embark on a revolutionary journey to raise your consciousness & expand your empire using the magic of Kundalini. Break free from society’s “rules” and reconnect to your true self. Awaken your magic to rise into your next level as a Spiritpreneur. This program primarily focuses on you to deepen the connection to your true self - your soul. Too many programs are focusing on marketing-strategies and business-advice only, without considering the unique energy and personality. There is not a 1 fits all strategy.

To be able to grow your business with more ease and live a life of freedom and joy, it is important to first understand who you truly are and then align this with your business. This course will help you to increase your awareness for gaining a higher consciousness. You will undergo a deep,  spiritual awakening journey which will help you to restructure your life in a way it will feel much easier to grow your business while still having enough time for your personal life - whether it’s family, traveling, doing sports, or whatever your heart desires. By being able to show up as more you, you don’t only uplift your life, but also the lives of everyone around you - giving everyone permission to be themselves.


Your (r)evolutionary journey will open your path of unfolding your unique magic and raising your consciousness. We will dive in your unique soul-blueprint and align it with your desired lifestyle, business and values. For living a life in balance, joy and freedom.

Before you embark on the journey, you will be given an overview of the methods of this course. Get a better understanding about what Kundalini Yoga and Human Design is and how you can apply it in your life.

Each Module will include a full 45-60 minute Kundalini Krya (a complete set of action leading to a specific goal), meditation, journaling and general explanation & information of the module. The program includes over 10 hours of video-material.
You will learn to understand how your bodies
(physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetical) react to certain types of movements and chants. Through this you are able to de-condition, raise your frequency and manifest your goals (from intention, motivation and thought to bringing it into your reality).

Intention-setting to manifest your goal

Let’s start with figuring out where you are at. Get an overall vision of your dream-life and a birds-eye-view perspective on your current life. Set your intention for this course and what area of your life you want to focus on over the 7-week-course.

Recognise your magic with Human Design

Go from confusion to crystal clear clarity on your Spiritpreneur strengths and weaknesses. We will use Human Design as a tool to discover your unique magic you are here to embody in your life and business.

Break through your blocks to higher consciousness

Let’s unfold your magic by breaking free from your past conditioning and limiting beliefs. Understand what conditioning is and how to rewire your mind on the journey to higher consciousness.

Raise your frequency and awaken your magic

Step out of life in the “hard” lane and attract more joy, balance & ease into your life and business as a Spiritpreneur. Discover which type of ego is running the show and let your Spirit take charge through raising your energetic frequency.

Embody your life’s vision

Stepping into your magic means not only knowing your big vision in life and values,  but also knowing how you are able to embody them in your daily life and business.  You will be able not only to think logically and strategically, but also truly experience your intuition for being able to create the vision you are holding.

Start anything in every moment

Recognize where you are at and what transformation you went through. While this  journey within the course comes to an end, realise you are able to start creating  whatever you desire in every moment.

Join the program today  
The investment is 777$

What you'll receive

7 weeks of structured guidance: I love strategy as much as I love to “go with the flow”. This means you will get a clear roadmap while being able to unfold and play with the course as an individual.

Overview of methodology

Get familiar with the tools within this course, what to be mindful of and how you are able to infuse them in your life (incl. business).

Message support

Whenever you have a question or looking for some guidance, feel free to reach out.

Energetic rituals and resources

You will receive integration tools including meditations, journal prompts and worksheets to support you with raising your consciousness and bring in fulfillment and financial success in your life.


You will receive videos and exercises to do at your own pace. The total course includes over 10 hours of video-material. I do not want to overwhelm you or create chaos, so each week a new module will be released.

Are we an energetic match?

As a spiritual entrepreneur (spiritpreneur) and yogini, I am both an expert in my field and a spiritual guide.
After breaking free from the superficial advertising field and going through burnout twice, I created the industry-leading 7 figure company Coachy© together with my boyfriend.
My personal experience and additional studies in the field of neurology, yoga and coaching allow me to provide you not only with strategic business recommendations, but also soul-centred advice for your lifestyle.

As a human design projector with the channels of awareness and structuring, I am able to see you for who you truly are behind all the layers you put on over the years and inspire you with a unique and visionary point of few.

I believe by embracing who you are you unfold magic. Life was meant to be lived with joy, ease and a state of being.

Business was meant to be fun, give you freedom and make a positive impact. Everything is possible and I do not believe in "success" as society sees it. What matters is that we are fulfilled and that to me is success. 

My most important vision is to empower ambitious women like you, raise awareness to protect nature (especially the oceans) and live a more sustainable life in alignment with nature.

If you feel the same I invite you to join me for your Kundalini Spiritpreneur Awakening.

What I stand for


Living a life of purpose has brought so much joy and fulfillment to my life, that it has become my passion and driving force to work with other women. Guiding them on their journey to success by their own terms, so they, too, can experience the joy and ease of a fulfilled and meaningful life in freedom.


Investing in yourself and your future also means saving the oceans. When you work with me, you will know that you are making a difference as soon as we begin working together. A portion of your investment is donated to SharkProject, a charity organization that supports the wellbeing of the ocean and its creatures.


Let go of what doesn’t serve you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically in your life. I am committed to living a more sustainable life to cut down on unnecessary waste and can support you do the same! Every little bit and every small change adds up to great results in protecting our planet!

Are you ready for your spiritpreneur awakening and (r)evolutionize your business & life?

This program is for you if…

You are a service based provider such as a coach, healer, health practitioner, creative or a product based business (physical or digital) wanting to live a life with more alignment and raise your consciousness in order to create a life with more joy, ease and freedom. In general, you are an existing spiritpreneur with unstable income or experienced running your business for years with a team.

You are open to the spiritual field, such as yoga, human design, astrology, quantum physics or similar and wish to deepen your knowledge in this field.

Overall, you wish to align your lifestyle (including your business) more to your unique energy, personality and values. You wish to have more independence (freedom), joy and ease in your life. This can mean travelling whenever you want, scaling your income or whatever your heart desires. You want to have a big impact to raise the consciousness of our planet for living more sustainable and support nature.

Invest in yourself & your mission

When you invest in the Kundalini Spiritpreneur Awakening, you are not investing in just another online-course.
This is a deep transformational journey with a team to support you and truly sees and values you as an individual being.
While this course has a clear structure, it also includes an individual approach. It includes my knowledge as an expert with 10 years of experience in the business-field.

This course is not just the “raw” course and then you are left alone. My team and I are here to support you, because we created this course to truly transform lives. It does not mean you cannot reach your desires without this course, but if you wish to reach them faster, get a new set of spiritual tools in your pockets and deepen your spiritual practice, this course might be for you. If you feel the pull to join this magical journey I invite you to join this program. 

This is an investment in yourself and your business.



Yes, I want to join now  
Join the program today for an investment of 777$.

Client Love 

Sometimes I really don't know what to focus on and even after our first call I felt so much more motivated! We talked a lot about structure, the content to create and the people I truly want to work with. Also we discussed the strategy for my online-course including pricing. It was really really helpful! Now I know what to focus on and am ready to go. Thank you so much Lisa for your help and time, I really appreciate it!

Lisa and Dennis managed to be one of the market-leaders already after just a short while, when it comes to platforms to to create membership-areas. This only happens so fast with authenticity, quality, a lot of discipline and an amazing mindset. Both of them don't just want success for themselves, but also help others to achieve it. They achieved this by creating their company and product Coachy®!

Lisa helped me to think different and "pushed" me in the right direction; to get closer to my dream - being a successful photographer one day. When I dreamed about the future to much, Lisa got me back to the present. When I was too confused and my mind was everywhere, Lisa suggested and helped me to take a break and become more self-aware. Since then, I am able to think in smaller steps. Because everything needs time. Lisa not just helped me with creating to-do lists or starting a journal. She helped me to be more motivated, positive-minded and to get a structure in my life.
Also, Lisa really listened to me and it helped me so much. At this point in my life I never experienced this before. As a result I got additional motivation, because she really listened compassionately. (Even though, usually it's very hard for me because I suffer from depression). What I found particularly wonderful was, I was able to meet Lisa in person at her networking-event and got to know new people through it.


What makes this program different from other online-courses?

This is not like any classical business OR spiritual courses and it is not a course where you buy it and then are left alone.. This is a very unique approach and completely new on the market as it combines my knowledge as a successful entrepreneur, Kundalini and Human Design. If this excites you I invite you to join the program.

I have already tried many other programs that did not work for me. How can I know this one does?

Please know, I went through several online-courses and coaching programs without success myself at the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur. That doesn’t mean ALL courses and programs are not right for you, but you were just not able to find the right one yet. This course was created to honour your uniqueness.

I cannot pay in full. Do you accept installments?

Yes, we have payment-plans available.

I would prefer to work 1:1 with you. Is that possible?

Within the course you have the option to book a single 1:1 session at the beginning and/or end of the program. If you wish to work together more intensively, I invite you to reach out to . Please note Lisa accepts only 2 intensive 1:1 clients per year and you first have to fill out an application to make sure you and Lisa are an energetical match.

I sometimes feel overwhelmed with online-courses. Can I choose my own pace?

Yes, you are able to choose your own pace. Each week a new module is unlocked (in order to not overwhelm you or get lost by jumping randomly from here to there). If you feel a module per week is too much you are welcome to adjust it to your own pace at any time. However, we highly recommend following the given timeframe in order to fully commit to it.



Join the program today  
Join the program today for an investment of 777$.