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Join the (R)Evolutioneress Circle™
The (R)Evolutioness Circle is a sacred community for spiritpreneurs to gather as they raise their consciousness and expand their new earth empires. A gathering place to be wild, free and connected on a soul level.




My company Coachy©

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Spiritpreneur (R)Evolution

An 8 week course (1:1 optional) for spiritpreneurs to expand their consciousness and step into the next (r)evolution of their new earth empire. A self-awakening journey using the magic of Kundalini (and hints of Human Design & Neuroscience) to connect to your true self as you rise into your next level of freedom and wealth in your life.

Unfold your magic & live in freedom

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Hey Soulsister, it's time for your (R)Evolution!

My name is Lisa (or Kirti Geet Kaur for yogis). I'm Co-Founder of Coachy®, entrepreneur, spiritual teacher, business mentor, published author, investor, yogi and visionary. Together with my boyfriend, I founded the industry-leading 7-figure company "Coachy®" and love supporting women to rise - after going through burnout and breaking free from working in the superficial advertising-field.

Raise your consciousness, break the rules, embrace your magic and step into your next (r)evolution in business.

In today's world many people forget who they truly are as they start hiding their true self for too long. We start to do things without questioning them even if they don't feel good. Most people think we have to follow clear ""rules"" of society to live a successful life.

But what does success truly mean to you? For me it’s embracing who you are and by this unfolding magic. Life was meant to be lived with joy, ease and a state of being. Business was meant to be fun, give you freedom and make a positive impact.

If you are feeling the same I invite you to join me for your Spiritpreneur (R)EVOLUTION.