Rocking Alignment Challenge 

set your mind for success

4 easy steps to get the results you want in your life and business and how to overcome any obstacle!

  • Figure out WHO you want to be
  • Let go of perfectionism to show up authentically
  • Let go of stress by creating an amazing structure of balance for work and play
  • Learn how to GROW your business AND live a healthy lifestyle

What you will learn...

Day 1

How to grow quicker and easier in all areas of your life

Identify your blocks and figure out what is REALLY holding you back from living up to your fullest potential.

Day 2

Step into your power and start believing in yourself

Knowing your values is vital to living a truly fulfilled life on a long-term basis. Learn how to embrace the journey and tell the difference between your ego and higher self.

Day 3

How to express and live true to your values

Create a life with less stress and more productivity by putting your values into action to show up authentically in your life and business.

Day 4

How to stay accountable in your self-alignment plan & business

Learn how to create a structure that works for your lifestyle in order to stay accountable and grow your business. Stop "losing your shit" ;-)

Feel more motivated than ever!

At the end of the Rocking Alignment Challenge, you will have all the answers you’ve been searching for in order to embrace your highest self and step into your power to rock your life and grow your business!

Hi, my name is Lisa and I'm excited for you to join me in Rocking The Alignment Challenge!

I used to struggle with knowing my values and what I stood for. Binging on webinars and seeing social media channels of others I saw as more successful than me, I often wondered if I would ever get over my perfectionism to be able to build a successful, long-lasting business while living a life that made me feel fulfilled. I wanted more. I knew I deserved more.

Fast forward to today and I can honestly say I have found all the answers I was searching for and I know it is my calling and duty to share them with you! I’ve built numerous businesses in the last 7 years, including a software program called “Coachy”, which I developed with my partner. Within the first year, we hit the multiple 6 figure mark and we are proud to say that Coachy is used by some of the biggest German coaches and speakers, today!

If you are ready to have results like that, ready to live in alignment with your values, then you’re ready for this amazing 4-Day Training!

Stop overworking yourself and live stress-free. Stop questioning yourself, and step into the power of your higher self. Stop the struggle and begin the path to long-term success today!

I look forward to supporting you. Let's rock this!